No Cherries/#Free48

Well, it turned out to be a productive and fine #Free48 with some good food, a mini adventure, a new business prospect and even tequila shots! Rather than explain it all in boring narrative, why don’t I just share some photos with you? For details, hold your finger on the photo or tap for captions.

After driving around the parking garage for thirty minutes at Ponce City Market I was ready to throw in the towel when suddenly a spot opened up and we were in! Sadly, the market was so crowded that we headed right out to get onto the BeltLine…..buuuut….we couldn’t. There was a wine festival going on at the entrance and we didn’t want to attend. It was crazy. We went back inside the market to find a beer and maybe a bite of food but there was just so much chaos. We agreed to head home and grab something closer to our neck of the woods. The drive was very cool though, allowing me to get some more shots of the city. There is some fantastically original grafitti around Atlanta. These are just a couple of the random murals I saw during our drive.

We agreed on Zama Mexican, one of our favorite local spots and were both ready for a cold one and some food!

I couldn’t resist giving a “tickle” to one of the restaurant’s door sentries. I liked his necklace!


I will someday write about my nightmares  dreams last night but right now they are too fresh.  No more Heradura shots for Cheryl. Have you ever been attacked by a spider riding a cricket!? 😱

Today hubby firmed up the details for our spot in the antique store. Now I am praying my jewelry is recieved well and that the things we put there wll sell. There is a festival coming up in two weeks. Wish me luck! I have been working pretty much non stop getting things ready.

What do you think of the collection? These aren’t all the best possible shots but you can get the idea what I will be presenting. And I am still working.

And the cherry on top of it all? I made homemade strawberry ice cream. It turned out so delicious. But, sadly, there were only strawberries to go on top. 🙊And drizzled chocolate. And whipped cream! The best part about being the cook? I get to scrape the Cuisinart freezer bucket. What a preview.


Let’s get out there and make it a great week. Remember, we can all use a little help from our friends, no matter how little they seem.



13 thoughts on “No Cherries/#Free48

  1. Cheryl, your jewelry is gorgeous! I love the belt with the turtle…very unique! I’m 100% positive that you will have sales from your collection, which is a good reason to go back to the Mexican restaurant and celebrate.


  2. Busy weekend but it sounds like another winner. Good food, good drinks, good company!

    Love the murals. Your jewelry collection is fantastic….every piece unique. A lot of thought and planning went into each piece and it shows. Good luck on the sales end.

    But that ice cream. To die for. You’re even creative making dessert!


    1. Haha! Well I appreciate your kind words and am thrilled you like the jewelry. There is some debate in the house as to whether I am creatively talented or just creatively ADD. Hubby doesn’t call me hummingbird for naught. But seriously, I love making something from nothing and I am truly not capable of duplicating anything. My friends used to say I should write and illustrate a children’s book. But I wouldn’t be able to draw the characters over and over! 🙊As far as my jewelry, I am calling it Wearable Art. Thanks so much for the good wishes. Gotta go now. There is ice cream on the freezer and daylight’s a wastin’….🙈💕


  3. What a wonderful weekend – I love the photos and the jewelry is beautiful. I hope it sells well. I just had a plain donut…I’m not sure I’m going to make it ’til lunch…the food, oh, the food.


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