The Ladies in Waiting/#poetry/#photography

(An ode to the Rhododendron at sunset)

They gather in the shadows of the garden…


their delicate petticoats rustling in the chilly gusts of early Spring.

Their crimson hearts race with excitement as he slowly descends upon them.


“See how his face shines!” Says Rhoda in a hushed whisper.

“Oh I could die in such an embrace!” Dendra blurts unabashedly.

Giggles and sqealls ring like church bells as his grandness leans in to plant shameless kisses upon the blushed cheeks that worship his presence.


Anticipation rewarded, they bask in the warmth of his touch,

such a touch that, in an instant, could become so fierce and brutal as to devastate,

yet in these final seconds of a day grew painfully gentle, alluring and soft.


Within each blooming breast beats the heart of pure joy for his presence and therein rests the hope for his return;

for this is their grand moment of sweet sorrow when he must leave them again.


“There he goes,” bemoans sweet Flora, stretching to the tippiest her toes can reach, knowing his parting will be swift and silent-

and oh so bittersweet.

Ladies-always in waiting-for the coming and going of their life-giving, cruel, comforting,  steadfast king.


And when, at dusk, thy face shall sink,

You leave me with a nod and wink,

I shall not weep,

long as you keep

your promise that with every morrow,

you rise again to ease my sorrow.

“My heart is yours, please keep it well,”

she prayed as from the sky he fell.


Words and images copyright CKP 2018

Have a brilliant weekend my friends.

20 thoughts on “The Ladies in Waiting/#poetry/#photography

  1. There are going to be a couple of days in waiting now. However we had two days of sunshine and warm summer like temps. So how the heck could I complain about that. Though I may never look at sunset quite the same way again. Then again what is life without multiple perspectives ! Thanks Cheryl !


  2. Cheryl, this post is super! Your photos and words are a marriage made in Heaven. You are one clever and gifted lady….or broad…..whichever you prefer. Lol. We had a beautiful day yesterday, and so far today isn’t too shabby, but come tomorrow? Fageddaboutit!

    Thank you for bringing spring right into my living room. Always a welcome treat.

    Hope your 48FREE is off to a spectacular start.


    1. Thanks Ginger! Some days broad, some days lady…I am diverse. Lol so glad for your reprieve yesterday and may it continue. Right now I am looking at a sunny 67 with the birds, blooms and bees a buzzing. Happy Free 48 to you as well. God, I love the sounds of the world waking up. 👏🏻😀


      1. I left for the San Antonio airport at 4:30 and it was already 68, on its way to 93. It was 84, Thursday night for our street party. It is supposed to be in the 70s at home today, but back in 30s overnight this coming week.


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