Random #1 Sometimes

Anyone who followed me at tropicalaffair.me knows I began running a series of posts that, coincidentally, came at random times whenever I happened to see and snap an odd photo of something unusual or just plain weird. In the Spirit of keeping things interesting here, I have decided to begin a new Random series. This weekend afforded me my first out of the ordinary image.

While this sadly is not an uncommon sight in many areas, there is always the certainty that…



One thing usually…




leads to another.

The questions remains-Which came first? Was it a shoeless drink-a-thon? Or did the beer eventually loosen the laces and the owners kick off their boogie shoes to dance away into the sunset?

You decide. Meanwhile, let’s all forget our cares for a moment and party on, even if it’s only in our minds. 😉

I love KC and The Sunshine Band! How I miss American Bandstand……

8 thoughts on “Random #1 Sometimes

    1. Too long has passed since the clean up America campaign. I have actually begun seeing stuff piling on the side of the road again back home in Louisiana. Makes me want to cry. So much.


  1. I’m afraid my mind went right to the ‘worse case scenario’. I hope for the owner of those shoes I am way off base. The litter that clogs our streets and sidewalks and parks, and even private property, is unbelievable. When did we start disrespecting public property and the property of others as though it were something to be proud of? I sure wasn’t raised like that. It’s disgraceful.

    American Bandstand!!! Sweet memories. I had many “crushes” watching our 12″ Philco TV screen! Lol. Thanks for Boogie Shoes. It almost made me forget my killer cold…..almost! 😂


    1. Oh noooo! Im sorry about your cold. I swear by fresh turmeric ginger tea spiked with a dash of cayenne and fresh orange juuce or lemon. Yes well I fear the word respect is being eradicated from our modern vocabulary. Funny thing though. It was a Shoe Repair store parking lot. 🤔Even as a young girl I loved American Bandstand and had my faborite regular dancers.


  2. I see those things sometimes when walking the dog. Sometimes I just have to wonder his on earth the situation got to that point.

    I sm glad to see you revive this random series.


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