From the Outside In/#ThursdayDoors

We have a little friend in the neighborhood, one that stops by to say hello from time to time..


We never know when she will be stopping by. We just look up and she is peering in the back door. She begs to come in. I love cats but have allergies when inside with them for too long. Still…..



She is so sweet when she says, “Let me in. I know this house. I really want to visit.” So, in she comes for a looksee….



Defintely a lover, not a fighter, she adores a nice scratch or two; but adventure is her game. At this point the upstairs is off limits. After all, we don’t know each other well enough. Yet. She refuses food so must be someone else’s main furry squeeze. She just wants to be neighborly I suppose. Or nosey. Who knows? We just think she is adorable. Once she was interested in our day trip and almost hitched a ride in the car with us. I guess what they say about curiosity could have some validity. 😉

This post is brought to you by the Master of Door Ceremonies Norm Frampton. His blog doors are always open to new participants. Happy Friday folks!

20 thoughts on “From the Outside In/#ThursdayDoors

  1. We have a black and white kitty who is the neighborhood ‘greeter’. Halloween is a bit dicey if we don’t keep her secured as she may someday end up traveling away in someone elses car. Hopefully they’d bring her home.


    1. Thanks Norm. I’ll be so glad when the weather cooperates for the weekend. I’d love to visit downtown for some nice door variety! Hope yours is a great one.


  2. Omg – she is absolutely adorable! I am such a sucker for a little furry face.

    A few summers ago I discovered from my neighbours that my cat Theo was doing the same thing. He was showing up at their patio door looking to come in. Would visit for a while and then want out again to come home. I was embarrassed by his audacity 🙂


    1. I think you should be proud of him for his neighborly attitude. 😉My hubby said if he had a collar we should write a note that says to the owner how she comes to visit us all the time and ask what her name is.


      1. It would have made me laugh out loud to have Theo come home with a note, however after he came home the 3rd time without a collar, I gave up on trying to keep one on him. I should have called him Houdini.


  3. She’s adorable. I see she has white gloves on. I hope she isn’t one of those nosey neighbors who inspect your dusting abilities!! Or that she comes equipped with a teeny tiny camera recording everything she walks by! Lol. Now that I’ve put that seed in your mind………😂😂😂😂

    Happy 48 free! And get yourself some Claritin. Looks like she is very comfortable in your home. You do know your bed is next on her list of adventures, right?!

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    1. Oh I could read her mind. I only fear a good spraying that might end our amicable relationship thus far. Lest you judge my hesitation too quickly, I have had a very harrowing experience with a former beloved pet that involved something exiting her body and covering my face and hair without warning. 🙊🙈😱


  4. Curiosity is definitely a thing. I don’t remember which furball it was, but when I was a kid, one jumped into a disposable pot we threw in a fire we had going, so Bubb had to kick the pot out of the fire. Lucky for the cat, the fire was just starting.


    1. Oh my Dan. I wouldn’t know what to do if she was homeless. We rent so an inside pet would be an entirely new dilemma. I love an outdoor kitty but she would def have to be in for Winter. She is really a social girl. 😊

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