Beautiful/#Free48-So Far/#SoCs

So far, so peaceful. After a long, busy work week I am very happy to welcome this #Free48. And so far it looks promising. First, there was no alarm, and now I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee with ‘The Doctor’, the sun is out and hubby did most of the tough cleaning for us during the week. Toss a bit of exploration and some creative time in there and I couldn’t ask for more.


Well….maybe a visit from our little buddy. I found the shots from her near stowaway excursion with us. 😀

Okay, get your ‘awwwws’ ready.



After having my head down fiddling with coat, gloves, purse, etc, I looked up and nearly screamed until I realized who it was. Let me tell you, guys, she owns her special-ness.


“Bird! Squirrel! Blowing leaf!”


Hey, where you guys goin’? Maybe I wanna go too. Didya’ ever think about that, huh?

Today’s post brought to you by Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt.

Check out her blog and today’s post for other great Saturday tales of how the blogging community is.

And no time jumping…so far. 😉


From the Outside In/#ThursdayDoors

We have a little friend in the neighborhood, one that stops by to say hello from time to time..


We never know when she will be stopping by. We just look up and she is peering in the back door. She begs to come in. I love cats but have allergies when inside with them for too long. Still…..



She is so sweet when she says, “Let me in. I know this house. I really want to visit.” So, in she comes for a looksee….



Defintely a lover, not a fighter, she adores a nice scratch or two; but adventure is her game. At this point the upstairs is off limits. After all, we don’t know each other well enough. Yet. She refuses food so must be someone else’s main furry squeeze. She just wants to be neighborly I suppose. Or nosey. Who knows? We just think she is adorable. Once she was interested in our day trip and almost hitched a ride in the car with us. I guess what they say about curiosity could have some validity. 😉

This post is brought to you by the Master of Door Ceremonies Norm Frampton. His blog doors are always open to new participants. Happy Friday folks!