Dare We Hope? #Photography


The path to Spring is strewn with Camellia blossoms….


While Japanese dancers sway to the music of the wind through the branches overhead…..



And her Grace sings the Holy Mass while nibbling Communion seeds.




The sun saunters lazily into the evening, winking slyly at the shadows…




where scarlet ladies flaunt their charms and weave magic spells.






Sweet magnolia begins her sultry dance into Summer,

and I hold my breath, lest the bitter Ice Queen become jealous

and rise from her slumber for an encore performance, snuffing out

the freshness of my heart’s delight at such a sight-

my garden’s path strewn with Springtime kisses.

Cheryl KP

Copyright 2018

19 thoughts on “Dare We Hope? #Photography

  1. I always think of March as the hope of Spring, even though we may still have sightings of the Ice Queen and snow. Hope is what I have for warmer weather and the end of winter.

    Beautiful photos and words, Cheryl.


  2. You have such a gift for poetry, and you weave it around your photos perfectly. The camellias are truly beautiful, but you had me at the magnolia buds! Maybe it’s the promise of what they will look like when they bloom, but those buds are awesome!

    As is the case in so many areas, we’re on a roller coaster weather-wise. I think Mother Nature has severe PMS and keeps hitting the switch from summer to winter to summer……..sigh.

    Have a terrific weekend.


    1. Thank you Ginger. I am so enamored of this variety and color of Japanese magnolia. Whoever chose it did well! We have been watching things burst open in happy anticipation of what is to come. This is our first Spring living in this house. At this point I fear Mother Nature may be in a deep state od menopause. Some things may not recover….😕


  3. Camellias were my mom’s favorite flower. Almost imposible to find them in Pittsburgh, even through a florist who was a friend of the family. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Spring and winter are fighting for control here. I hope we don’t have a year where things bud and then get snuffed out. Two years ago, almost all the New England peach farmers lost their entire crop that way.


  4. Spring is in the air here, but we have another cold blast on its way this week. The snowdrops are still out, and other shoots are sprouting, but no colours in the garden yet. I love this time of anticipation.


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