This has been one looong Winter, folks, and me and skinny here are just waiting for Spring in the worst way….



But here is hope..

With blush upon her cheek she peeks her timid face around the corner of passing Winter and heralds the coming of the bright promise of Spring.

Oh yes, she is coming….

Happy weekend people.

8 thoughts on “Waiting..Photography

  1. I am ready for spring now. I know it’s a month away and much can happen, but there’s a bike in the garage…patiently waiting and I don’t want to disappoint. Let’s hope that March is a nice, warm month and continues that way into April and May.


  2. I like skinny, too.

    I would be fine with a few more weeks of winter, if only they wouldn’t keep teasing us. We are supposed to get 4-8″ of snow tonight but 65-68 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Either stay winter, or be spring.

    I updated the bar talk with a link to this post.


  3. Spring can’t come soon enough! 4-6″ of snow forecast here for Saturday night into Sunday. WTH?!?!!

    But I am partial to Skinny. S(he) has great teeth and a fetching smile. On the other hand s(he’s) knock kneed and pigeon toed. 😳😂 kinda cute though. Lol.

    Hope you don’t find any skeletons in your closet this weekend!!

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