An Enchanted Life/Photography

TGIF everybody! I have to say the moon really outdid herself this time around-such beauty, brilliance, magic and shine. A triple event month! And she also had her effect on the wee humans down here on Earth. Sometimes they behave as though she has a golden finger stuck right up their b….brain stem. Many nights I come home feeling as though I have been gunslinging all day, avoiding verbal bullets, arrows and hand grenades.




It is no surprise to me that it is still Mother Nature who is the heroine in my life’s saga. She, with all her children, move through life without fanfare, fame or often even acknowledgment. Yet it is through such acknowledgment that redemption comes…on tiny feet and winging its way across the pink landscape of sunset. It shimmers on the rushing river and whispers through the forest canopy, drowning out the din of daily life and replacing it with the music of the universe.



In this way my life seems enchanted. I am blessed, humbled and rejuvenated. How can I feel sorrow over a rough week when most wild things must keep moving, keep foraging-without choice-just to stay alive. When we share with them, they show their appreciation by bringing beauty and positive energy to our living space.




Now, what isn’t enchanting about these little angels? And, speaking of Enchanted, I’d love to introduce you to our little under the deck resident, Pip. Pip is a chipmunk! Before moving here I had never seen a chipmunk excpet in photos or nature shows on TV. I have to admit I squeal when this fellow shows up on the porch; but he shows up for hubby more than me. He is very tentative and timid, but we give him berries and cashews hoping he will come to realize we are friends. It’s a process and lesson in tenacity.




I just think he is adorable! And he so reminds me of the animated chipmunk in one of my favorite movies, the Disney film that made millions of wanna be princesses’ hearts go pitty pat over Mr. McDreamy. (Yeah, mine still skips a beat when I see him. 🙊)


Excuse me…do you have some cashews?
If you just leave them here I’ll take them and scurry along.

And that is how Mr Pip got his name.

So, you view the clip and tell me if my new friend isn’t star quality. And lucky for him, we have a couple of film connections. 😉 Hmmm…I wonder if he could be Chippy’s Southern cousin. I’ll have to ask Dan next time I’m bartending. They have Chippy nearly housebroken! 😉



And now for the gratuitous Happy Ending-‘cuz, ladies I don’t know about you all, but I could use one this week!

Dream on…..



And on to the weekend.  May yours be enchanted. Oh…and don’t take any apples from haggy old ladies. Or Susan Sarandon. 😉

25 thoughts on “An Enchanted Life/Photography

  1. I just love your new friend, the chipmunk. We have a cousin of his here! Too cute for words. That video clip cracked me up. And those beautiful birds. So nice to see them what with all the dreary weather we’re having in the Hudson Valley, NY. Chopping ice is becoming a way of life here. Ugh!

    I like when you include a picture of yourself. You have such a beautiful smile, it would brighten anyone’s day. And I get a kick out of seeing the blogger I’m following….makes it a bit more personal.

    Have a super weekend. Hope you have enough cashews for the little guy. Lol.


    1. Aww..Thank you Ginger. Being in the woods gives me lots to smile about! I’d love to see a photo of Pip’s NY cousin. We have had a few rounds of ice but nothing like yours. We have an ample supply of cashews. He has to know I like him to share those! 😀I hope your weekend is great as well.


  2. Love your photos! And that little chipmunk is the cutest! I’ve never seen one around here, but we have little ground squirrels here and there. They have burrows underground, but are so fast, it’s hard to spot the little critters. 🙂


  3. Ah, the redemption that comes on tiny feet… I love this: “It shimmers on the rushing river and whispers through the forest canopy, drowning out the din of daily life and replacing it with the music of the universe.” Great photos and a fun-looking movie to watch with my grand daughter some day.


    1. Hi Janey! I always live visiting with you. No chipmunks in Ireland. Well, there go my retirement plans…lol I really never thought of them before my friend Dan mentioned them. He lives up North. We don’t have them in the deep South-but apparently they live in Georgia!

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  4. I related to this part of your post: Many nights I come home feeling as though I have been gunslinging all day, avoiding verbal bullets, arrows and hand grenades.
    Instead of rising up, I wallowed in self-pity until I completely broke Thursday night.
    Yesterday was much better and reading this now I am smiling ear to ear. Little Pip is adorable. Your pictures are fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing


    1. Aww..I’m sorry for your rough week but so glad the little guy cheered you up too! I am so thankful for nature. I’m watching our little birds on the feeders as I type this. Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun.

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      1. Oh yes! Even if the camera is within my reach, he can be sitting there for several minutes but I look down for a second and all I see is the last flash of fur as he disappears.

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