Spicecapades/#SeX-Files Adventures




“C’mon, Scully, you don’t get ice like this every day. Look, that guy is having a blast.”

”I don’t know Mulder, it looks kind of dangerous to me. What if you break your hand….or your big phone?”




“Nahhhh….Scully, look at Spidey. He’s got it in spades. I just think we gotta’ grab life by the snowballs and have some fun before the big takeover.”

(“wheeee…….look at me…….)

”You see, Scully, it’s a piece of ‘ice-d’ cake. Spidey said so. In other words, Scully, loosen those FBI pantyhose and slice some ice with your partner!”

”Okay, Mulder; although for the life of me I can’t see this easing the pain of an alien takeover. Oh, and Mulder….”

”What is it, Scully?”




“If that two legged arachnid doesn’t take his hand off my ass….he’s going face down on the ice this time.”

”That’s fair , Scully.”


Thanks to Linda Hill and her SoCS prompt. Visit her blog and post to find out more about this and other cool prompts as well as meeting great bloggers like Mary Melange. If you visit Mary, be nice. She had a full moon kind of week.

Happy Saturday, folks. Check out the real #X-files every Wed at 7 CST. 😉



25 thoughts on “Spicecapades/#SeX-Files Adventures

  1. Cheryl, I am such a bad blogging friend! I completely missed this and your link to my blog. I guess I was having a bad week…or something on that order. Actually, I’ve been missing many of your posts and I apologize for not coming by more often.

    This post is hilarious and I have a certain friend who would say the same. Excellent! 😀


    1. Hi Mary! Thanks. No worries. The same happens to me with a few of my mutual blogging friends. I’m not sure why though. That’s why I hit the Reader at times. Everything is in there. I think that was a bad week all around. Sounds like your friend and I would get along. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is hysterical! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Wait….those are tears running down my leg, right?!! Lol.

    Thanks for a much needed laugh today. •••Ginger •••


      1. Wow!! You are on a roll today. Lol. Your comment hits the nail on the head. At 78 and “holding”, I may soon have to depend on Depends! Sigh…..


  3. There are way too many metaphors going on here. Instead of the modern choices I think I will opt for robot from Lost In Space. Warning Will Robinson warning !… We will be watching the Ice/Spicecapade Olympics starting next week. I hope this bad visual does not get me in deeper trouble then ! 8P


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