Eleanor’s Secret/#Thursday Doors

Did you say, “Speakeasy”?

That’s what I said when hubby recently suggested we try a local food venue for the first time. We are slowly branching out and trying new restaurants in and around our city. Atlanta in general is a food and shopping mecca, and our little section of it has plenty to offer. So, when our son said he was coming up from the city for a visit we suggested brunch at Muss and Turner’s for our meal, a funky little casual place with some intriguing menu choices. While the seating and ordering process are not ideal to our liking, following more of a NY deli style arrangement (images of Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi’ fill my head), the one thing that was a selling point for me was the description of the little bar that is tucked away, Speakeasy style, behind this unassuming, seemingly utilitarian door.




I mean, it is exciting enough to think that delicious future dinner items might be behind there; but to find the magic of being transported to a cool little bar with knowledgable, friendly bartenders was almost thrilling. Sadly, our brunch plans were cancelled but we still had to pop into that bar…


This is the lovely lady for whom the bar is named, Eleanor Seale.
It was kind of scary creeping around dark corners
And down this hall


And I must apologize here for not having a photo of the actaul bar. I have a phobia about taking photos in bars where there are other people present. I don’t know them ,or their circumstances, nor do I want to irritate anyone. But you can look it up online and see for yourself and perhaps our next visit I will be able to snap a quick photo.

I did get a photo of the absolutley delish and unique wings we had as well as the perfect Old Fashion the bartender made for me. There was also a lovely little drink made with Breckinridge whiskey called Beauty and the Beast. Yep, I tamed the beast. 😉 He made a couple of great tequila drinks for hubby that he enjoyed as well, stepping away from his usual beer choices. We will definitely be back to visit Eleanor’s again very soon.


My Old Fashion
Moroccan style wings…so good!

There are two locations in our area and we hope to try them both at some point. So, welcome to Muss and Turner’s!



And for more great posts visit our host and fellow doors Aficionado Norm . You will find the rules there, and if you follow the little blue froggy you can see some wonderful doors and add your own!


Happy Thursday. Which brings us another day closer to Saturday….💕

People these days think they got some moves….


12 thoughts on “Eleanor’s Secret/#Thursday Doors

  1. What a clever way to repurpose that old freezer door! Peoples imaginations intrigue me. We all repurpose things from time to time, but I’ve never done anything on that level of cleverness!

    Sounds like the day turned out just fine, and you now have one more place on your list to revisit or recommend. Win/win.

    Got a kick out of the 1920’s video. It took an incredible amount of energy to do some of those popular dances. And everyone looks like they’re having the time of their life!! •••Ginger •••


  2. Looks like a pretty cool place to hand for a while. I’m with you on taking pics in crowded public places. If you’re pointing the camera where someone doesn’t want it, it can lead to some awkward conversations 😉


  3. Wow, that’s really unique having an old commercial freezer door for an entrance to a Speakeasy or anywhere other than a freezer.

    Can I just go on the record and say how much I LOVE Eleanor’s riding habit? I would wear this everyday minus the helmet of course. I love those dressage pants, and black turtlenecks have been my favorite fall/winter staple top since…a long, long time!

    I have riding pants that I wear around town with boots, but I’ve longed for a pair of real white dressage pants. They look amazing on. I just couldn’t justify the cost so, left the store without them. 😦


    1. I agree. Oh and how many times have I done that very thing, Deborah, leaving Macy’s without that perfect swimsuit, settling for a less expensive ,model. I have good taste but it is also about fit and what looks great on. This year I splurged on a classic swimsuit (50’s style) that fit perfectly and looked amazing. The sales clerk also gave me 20% off! Miracles do happen! 😀


  4. This seems like a rare treat, Cheryl. A little bit of intrigue, a little history, some good food, nice beverages – what’s not to like? I can definitely see why you’re making plans to go back.


Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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