Enchanted Woodland Trail/#ThursdayDoors

One of the best parts about moving to a new city is exploring the parks and wildlife areas nearby.  We had a chance to do this recently at the Chatahoochie Nature Center.  It was frigid cold but we warmed up quickly as the sun rose high in the sky and filtered down through the beautiful woodland trees and we hiked our morning away.  The first place we chose to walk took us toward the Butterfly Garden which is pretty still this time of year; but I look forward to Spring and revisiting when it is teeming with new color and life.


The entryway (kind of a door) to the butterfly garden area
Then we saw this! A must see for me. Just what made it so enchanted anyway?
It looked like a beautiful trail from the start


Then hubby pointed out the first little miracle of enchantment.


A friendly and welcoming place


We thought it was a random thing, like the Tiny Doors project in Atlanta.  

That is a favorite of mine that I have blogged about before here on my old blog.


But no, it was only the beginning. Around each curve, behind most bushes, rocks and hidden in trees were more and more tiny houses-and with them, tiny doors!  I’m sure you could hear me squealing down the hillside.  Which explains why I didn’t get many bird shots for awhile.  haha.


I hope you enjoy the walk as much as we did.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The park also has animal recovery habitats where we saw owls, hawks and bald eagles that had been injured and unable to function in the wild.  And the beaver habitat was so cool.  This fellow was working on his door while the missus rooted for ‘grub’.



So glad you are back Norm.  Norm hosts this Thursday Doors event and always has some terrific doors of his own.  Do visit there and follow the hoppy little blue frog to visit other great doors and also add a link to your own post.  You know you see doors every day! Maybe it’s time for a closer look.  And for a look at some reverently beautiful DC doors visit my friend Dan at No Facilities.


Meanwhile, have a gorgeous day whether you are treading water, snow or just plain trudging along.  It is always good to remember one thing…..




Happiness is like a butterfly-lovely, often fleeting and always free.  Just like my new tree friend, it is also steadfast if you carry it within your soul.  Happy Thursday! This is the best part of reality dreaming for me-when we all share something beautiful.


23 thoughts on “Enchanted Woodland Trail/#ThursdayDoors

  1. Reblogged this on Tropical Affair and commented:

    Please forgive my simple reblog of my favorite doors post of last year. So much going on this week and I am grateful to be able to do this. Please check out Morm’s place for more great doors and join the fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


  2. You had me at the entryway to the butterfly garden area. This place could capture the heart of anyone. I also like the painted stone “Happiness is like a butterfly”….at least it looks like a stone to me! I imagine sweet critters will be plentiful when you visit again in spring. Maybe fairies too because it surely is enchanted.

    This is just perfect for Thursday Doors and a wonderful time out from winter. Really enjoyed your post. *Ginger*


    1. Hi Ginger. Just found this ‘hanging about’ in my moderation chamber. Sorry for the delayed response. I’m so glad you liked the photos. Yes that is a stone. This is another trend I really love-those random stones placed in out of the way places or hidden in plain sight, all with simple inspirational messages on them. Oooh faeries. 👏👏


  3. Do you have one with Alice sneaking through ? Or has she gone back to ordinary land ? And it is a good thing you did not have to ask a hotel desk clerk for directions to the park with the little doors ! Thanks !


    1. My thoughts too. Since it is a private park with constant staff I imagine they keep an eye out for peaceful inhabitants vs destructive creatures. They would just be relocated. 😉


  4. These are adorable! Oh my goodness, such a find, I can definitely imagine you giggling and screaming with delight on finding these. I was trying to pick a fav, but each one looked good and had its own unique elements.

    Thanks for the shout, and thanks for the pictures!


    1. Oh you would have loved them Dan. And then to see the beavers at the end. I wish I could easily embed the video I took of them. I am very much looking forward to Springtime visits to these places. Thanks!

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