Let It Sn…nooooo….#OneLinerWednesday #JusJoJan



Let it snow

Oh no!

Not again

oh when

will Winter end?



Let it snow,

Let it go,

I don’t know,

time to chill,

guess I will

wait and see

what will be.




Let it snow,

nowhere to go,

office closed,

I suppose

It could be

good for me.

Let it snow

and fire glow

but heavens no..

Please don’t let

the power go!


CherylKP 2018


This temporary deep freeze brought to you by Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday and #JusJoJan  

Stay warm my friends!

18 thoughts on “Let It Sn…nooooo….#OneLinerWednesday #JusJoJan

  1. Yes indeed, please keep the power on!! 9″ of snow here in our little corner of the world. 😡😡 still snowing, but dwindling. Grey sky. I ordered sunshine, but it hasn’t been delivered yet. Suppose to be warmer this weekend so hopefully this will all just be a memory.

    Enjoy your day off from work. —-Ginger—-


  2. We didn’t get the amount of snow they had forecast, but I started out in Boston, so that was a good thing. We might get some warmth (high 30s & 40s) on Saturday and Sunday. Since I don’t have any football to watch, I might be able to finish some bathroom repairs and install the weather station I gave the Mrs. for Christmas (she wanted it).


    1. Well you know what project gets my vote. Speaking strictly as a Mrs. myself. 😉May you get those warmer temps today. It is 14 here now with a high of 28. 🙈I’m done with football. Saw the Saints lose it by a hiccup and that was it for me.

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      1. I was also rooting for the Saints. After my dream of a Steelers-Packers rematch went down, I was hoping for Steelers-Saints – then Saints-anybody. Now…go Jaguars


      2. Well Dan, I hope you enjoy the big game and your chosen team wins. When the Saints lost, all I could think was that my dear friend, Debbie, who passed a couple of years ago around this time of year, would have been thrilled because all her sons and husband are huge fansin Minnesota. And, well, they have not been in a Superbowl in awhile. So I was happy for them.

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  3. Looks like Wisconsin! Except I bet it wasn’t -1F this morning. I gladly take snow over cold, any day. Unfortunately, you’re not used to either one. It’s supposed to warm up again over the weekend, so maybe that warmth will come your way.

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    1. Thanks Mary. Well, being from Louisiana and having lived in the Texas Hill Country I am used to cold and occasional snow. You can keep the sub zero and lengthy Winters though. This is enough. It is 4 degrees where my boys live right now. 😱

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