Duck Delight #SoCs #ducks #Floridalife

No, not that kind of duck delight, you carnivorous foodies.

This kind of duck delight comes only when you happen to be a bird fanatic and move into a home with a huge pond in your back yard where all kinds of water birds visit or live every day.
The delight comes mighty early, depending on when I creep onto the lanai with coffee and make a bit of noise. This incites a voyage of serious fowl from across the pond to arrive with hungry, pitiful squawks for breakfast. These guys and gals are friendly but don’t play when it comes to getting their fair share.


A few strays flitted in near the end of breakfast and tried to fight for some tidbits, but the residents would have none of it and quickly sent them waddling..

We love our new neighbors, all of the two legged varieties. 😀 I might never leave this delightful place without putting up a fight.
Happy #free48!
This post brought to you courtesy of Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt.

Check out her place for other great prompts and more blog posts by talented bloggers.
Today’s prompt was to use ght. 

19 thoughts on “Duck Delight #SoCs #ducks #Floridalife

  1. That’s a great backyard, Cheryl. I can see why you may never leave given the view, the two-legged “kids” that come to visit and a lanai to enjoy both. Glad you found your way back to where you want to be.


    1. Thanks Peter. Yesterday a neighbor’s children were picking lemons from our tree and throwing them at the ducks. The Mom got mad when we told them to stop. Actually we told them several times but they kept going, then started throwing rocks. People! My sons would never behave like that. 😔

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      1. One day those children will grow up and realize that you were trying to help them too. But I find it troubling that there are adults who fail to see the beauty inherent in animals or the beauty in saving them from harm and extinction. It is disturbing, especially in this age when rate of species disappearance is so high. A friend of mine remarked the other day that some day in the future elephants will be gone like the dinosaurs and children will see only their bones in the museums. I agreed with him.


      2. The saddest part is that with the way most are being brought up, they won’t even understand what they are missing. They have phones at age five, or their parents hand over phones to keep 3 year olds entertained. They never have to wait or want for anything. They don’t value things that they have not had to work for and don’t appreciate anything. They learn only to expect and to expect things right now. Children are blank pages waiting to be written into their own story. It shows in their eyes and expressions. The last two generations of new parents have been so lazy about teaching their children and refuse to listen to anyone older and wiser. I’m so sad. 😔


      3. Funny you should say that. I was just talking to my colleague about children who matured after 2010, maybe even those who reached their adolescent after 2000. They are very rude even at the workplace. They are ignorant too, despite growing up in the age of information, in the age of Google, etc. Their best friends are their cell phones, which they never put down (irritating especially when you charge them with duty). They don’t seem to have faith or belief in anything. They lack philosophy. It is sad to see a generation like that. Makes you worry about the future.


      4. I am forcing myself to not think, “What future”? The new trend among millenials to just blame all the world’s problems on the Baby Boomer generation is ludicrous. Mistakes have been made over the years, but now that we have the facts in front of us we must all work together for change. All anyone wants to do anymore is talk and talk and complain and blame with no real solutions. Technology has made the world less intelligent, less connected, less creative and most apathetic.

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  2. How delightful! You will probably never go barefoot again but it is an easy trade to be able to watch their antics. I love to go down to the lake and watch the birds. You can do it from home! Lucky!


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