For My One and Only

Even though he hates to be the center of attention.

Even though he would like to ignore another date on the calendar.

Even though he loathes hype and holiday expense.

I love him enough to ignore all these little things…

I appreciate the million little gifts you’ve given me since we met. Every day has been a celebration with you.


Thanks for being there for all of us!  We all love you!! 😘

Happy Birthday!


12 thoughts on “For My One and Only

    1. Thanks, Dan. I will. I have to repair this tomorrow. I knew I’d get it wrong. It was a red 64 Falcon, not a four door ‘Granny car’. 🙄This is why I let him buy his own gifts. Lol. I tried to publish tomorrow for his birthday but friggin WP on my iPad glitched and posted it immediately. Oh well. Better early than late, right? 😀

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