The Ugly Bug Ball..

The weekend blessed us with mild temps and no thunderstorms. I showed my gratitude by going outside as much as possible.

Just look what I found!

The otherworldly bee
The lowly cicada. Their voices reverberated through the woods
Not sure. But scary. I think she is a type of Orb spider.
My Ballet star!

There were also birds and chipmunks and squirrels and oh! I even had a hummingbird visit me while in the back yard. It was too elusive for my camera though.

I saw so many beautiful things I just wanted to dance!

Apparently so did my little furry friend. Be careful where you step this month!


We loved this movie when I was a kid…

I you haven’t been there already, stop by Dan’s place and have a cold one. Better leave off the glass though..just ask Dan.

12 thoughts on “The Ugly Bug Ball..

  1. Looking from midwinter here in Australia, a marvellous collection. I must single out the cicada. My family thinks they look like overgrown flies, but I love them: so noisy on hot summer evenings, and so many different varieties. Maybe that one is what we call a black beauty.


    1. And they are quite elusive visually. I normally only get to see their discarded outgrown skins. I feel this must hold a sigifigance for me since I have seen several of them in these past few weeks. I find it magical. I love their singing. As a child growing up that serenade heralded the long days of Summer and pure enjoyment. Thanks Steve!

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  2. Some of those guys are creepy looking, but every living thing has to work to survive. Your pictures are wonderful. Good job suppressing the “ick” factor.

    Thanks for the shout. I hope your week is starting well.


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