Salvation: preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin or loss. 

When we think of salvation our minds often turn to religious connotation and the idea that something outside of ourselves is the only means of such a gift. If we remember that Spirit gifted us with salvation from the the very beginning of existence, we can more move through the most difficult times in life. Salvation then becomes a treasured memory, a dear friend that we can rely on and find comfort in. It is not something we must work or beg for, but is always there. We only need to accept that it is for each of us, in every moment that we live. How do you find your salvation? I see it in every beautiful moment that brings me peace.

In a moment of appreciation
In a moment of celebration
In a moment of reception
In a moment of magnificence
In a moment of connection

Try not to miss your opportunities. Every one is so precious.


9 thoughts on “Salvation

  1. In rare momentum that you get a glimpse of happy that wasn’t their before you feel that as a salvation or in the moment you do something good for others. Salvation is more than Christianity for me is felling happy and giving to others free willing. If you will please follow my blog and view my post likes and followers really help new bloggers


    1. I have had a lot of struggling with what is real and what is illusion. For me, the turning point was accepting reponsibilty for my own part in the illusion. The only part that I can really change is mine. Perhaps then something else could shift positively. 😊

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