May Flowers/Round One

April showers bring May flowers. As I age I find myself identifying more and more with nature in ways I hadn’t imagined before.

There are some lovely white ladies in our front yard that seemed to have shared the same kind of week as me.


Monday smiles!
Tuesday laying low
Wednesday hump might win the fight
Thursday in bits and pieces
Friday, exposed, soul laid bare..

Excuse me while I crawl into the weekend….but I’ll be back.

A good night’s sleep and my soul will be reborn..

Deep within beauty remains
She will shine again!

16 thoughts on “May Flowers/Round One

  1. Beautiful pictures of gorgeous flowers. I was going to wish you a ‘happy weekend’, but realized it is only Tuesday and I am a few days late getting to this post. I’m perpetually behind in all things, even breathing. Sigh. Have a great Wednesday, though! Hump day! (with my poor hearing, I used to think they were saying it was “hunk” day, and I kept looking all around for one!)


    1. Haha! Thanks Jill. I feel, in these dark times, that poor hearing might be a blessing. I hear so much garbage every day…..😔i don’t mean that flippantly at all. If I could give you perfect everything, I certainly would. I think you know what I mean. I’ll hang in if you do.

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      1. Oh I know you didn’t mean it flippantly, and frankly I often say that there are times my poor hearing is a blessing, such as when the neighbors are playing loud … LOUD polka music!!! 🤣 Oh yeah, I’m hanging in … somebody has to try to stop Bozo the Clown from ruining our country! 😉


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