Lost Weekend/#SoCS


After the events of the last 24 hours, I felt I wouldn’t even try to participate in this week’s #SoCS event; but if you visit Dan’s place, you’ll realize maybe there is just a wicked mean vibe in the universe right now. I hope it fades with the moon.

The week of the Supermoon I thought things were rough, but that was merely my external world. Yesterday Trouble decided to get personal with us. When I went downstairs to put something in the laundry area I had a little surprise waiting.

I saw this
Which drew my attention to this
And morphed into this.

I won’t bore you with all the details and deductive reasoning but it turned out to be a leaking hot water heater pipe in the ceiling between first and second floors.

I am thankful the actual leaking occurred over our laundry area. Still, the plumber came and even now is finishing the repair which includes tearing out the overhead ceiling in the laundry area and leaving it open for a few days to dry.

(Hubby may not sleep for a few days imagining the four legged things that could infiltrate our living space)


I know…he looks cute in the photo, but I don’t want to share morning coffee with him…😳

So, last night we just left it all behind to grab a bite. We spent a little dough, but, d’oh, I think we deserved a treat.

Today’s post is brought to you by Linda Hill and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Dough/D’oh. Check out her page for other great posts and join in for some fun.

PS I sure hope your week was brighter than ours, cheers to a better tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Lost Weekend/#SoCS

  1. Sorry to see your water damage but it fortuitous that you found out early enough so more damage wasn’t done, Cheryl. I repaired a leaky faucet weeks ago and the shut off valve under our sink leaked for several days before I discovered it (not often that one goes looking under the sink cabinet) so I know the horror you experienced. If anything, that bottle of Yuengling must have helped; I’ve yet to taste that brand but Dan keeps tempting us in his posts.


    1. Thanks Gordon. I am most worried about afteshocks, like mold in the wood. But we will see. We don’t own the home so it is a wait and see game for us. The repair was done timely so we are hopeful about the ceiling repair, etc. Yeungling was hubby’s favorite brew in Florida. Here in Georgia there are some great craft brews so we hop around a bit. Creature Comforts Tropicalia is a current favorite. It has a citrus bite which is refreshing since it is a heady brew. So hard to be calorie conscious when there are so many great beers to try!


  2. Something similar happened to us a year or so ago with the hot water pipe in the wall between my dryer, water heater, and mstr bedroom. We too had a bit of gaping hole and carpet to dry out. Not fun, but glad we caught it early!

    Your dinner looks delicious! I hope it dries out quicker than you think it will, no 4 legged critters get in, and it’s all patched up as good as new soon!


    1. Thanks Deborah. All in all, it was a close call and nothing external is damaged. My biggest concern is the moisture in the ceiling and walls that can call mold…


  3. I’m glad the damage was confined to a relatively small area and you were able to get it addressed quickly. Maybe this is all just winter kicking a few cans as he packs it in for the year.

    I hope you have a better evening and tomorrow.


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