The Soul of Spring #SoCS

In these very troubled days for our world, life has become a roller coaster of emotions for many people, even those who perhaps don’t acknowledge such things. Depression, mood swings, panic attacks and listlessness are all signs of discomfort of the heart, mind and soul. 

This prolonged Winter, along with its erratic weather patterns and anomolies, haven’t helped the situation much. We, as a species, are a contradiction of emotions and desires. While we love the freedom to explore at will and throw caution to the wind for a thrill when we choose, we also love and need constancy in our often fragile existence.

Things like the sun rising each day, our feet staying planted firmly on the ground, and the seasons changing on time are touchstones for the human psyche.



Besides the health benefits of sunlight each day, our souls thrive in the light. Studies have shown the negative effects that light deprivation have on both physical and mental health. This has been a long and trying dormant season for so many people. Even though we aren’t buried in snow here, there have been too many gray and gloomy cold days for this human’s soul. 

Hope reigns supreme, however, as Ms. spring is trying to stretch her stiff and frozen fingers, stretching towards the light for energy and inspiration. I see glimpses of her smile.



Her sole purpose is to renew this world, to work her magic over the dead, brown earth and paint the landscape with beauty and color once more.

I know she’s near

so do not fear…


Perhaps her soul is weary

at the thought of what’s to come…



If the human’s don’t remember

where their sustenance comes from.

If every hair on every head

is numbered, as is said,

why is wisdom blind

and we can’t even find

a common ground?



No wonder She is timid, slow to come.

But come, she will, for Nature does not fail.

Her soul knows joy in Creation,

love of life, her sole motivation

and we should be ever thankful

for her grace- her place

within the dream.


As for me, I am heading into the #Free48 with my soul full of hope and my sole reason for getting up to find and appreciate the beauty in this world. Maybe do a bit of my own creating too. 😉

Beaded sculpture, maybe the next light catcher. I call her Mermaid Rising
Blackberry Mug Cake! So easy, so good
I love my coffee in the evening. Oh! That is a yummy Carrot Cake for two recipe.

Oh, and maybe to find some good food and a nice brew.


As always, thanks #Wahlburger’s at The Battery.

This post brought to you by Linda Hill. Her #SoCS prompt for today was soul/sole. Check out her blog for all the great prompts and posts from other bloggers there.

And if you need a cold brew and some techno talk, join Dan A of No Facilities. But, be warned, the good bartender is off today. 😏

36 thoughts on “The Soul of Spring #SoCS

  1. Beautiful signs and blooms of Spring Cheryl!

    I love your cake and RayBan cup. RayBan and I have a “thing” going on. Their wayfare, Clubmaster, and aviators call me. I only have 4 pair so, it’s not an obsession…yet. 😁😎


    1. I know you remember my worn out tee shirt I lamented over awhile back. Being in the eye business for more than 30 years you see it all. I’ve been wearing Raybans now in Rx glasses for over 6 yrs. i always had Aviators in ‘Baby Bans’ size when I didn’t meed a prescription. I did have some awesome Oakleys for many years.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, my Oakley sunglasses! How I miss them. I lost them over a cliff while setting up a shot on the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail on my birthday hike several years ago. No way I was going after them, but you could probably hear me yelling NOOOOO! all the way down in the valley as they fell til they were out of sight. Sigh.


  2. With today’s sunshine and your lovely flower photos, I can’t help but believe true spring is right around the corner. Cheryl, I hope your week is filled with sun and warmth!


  3. My brain cannot process the tragedies of late. Shock and horror. Yet your beautiful pictures and words to match gives me hope. Thank you for that. #Free48. Viva la vida!


    1. I share your sorrow. I was inexplicably troubled all week, even before I heard the tragic news from New Zealand. There is so much negative energy in the atmosphere I feel suffocated at times. I hope you have a chance to enjoy beauty this weekend, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That cake. Mmm.
    Speaking of prolonged Winter, we are experiencing prolonged sunshine over here. It’s been super hot this year. So hot that it doesn’t help to stay indoors.


  5. A beautiful post, full of wisdom and just the right amount of whimsy. I love your beaded sculpture and the hopeful perseverance of “Ms. spring.”


  6. Spring has been a long time coming. Thanks for the lessons, the optimism and the beautiful colors.

    We’re not seeing green here, but we’re not seeing white, so I’m hopeful, too.

    You bring a good/healthy outlook to the #free48, Cheryl. I hope it’s a great one.


    1. This week has been a very sad one for many reasons, Dan. The world seems determined to plummet into a death spiral, but I won’t give up hope that the Light that created it will illuminate the darkness which foolishly tries to orchestrate on its destruction.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We never seem to get too far along the right path before evil rears its head again. It is sad, but there’s so much beauty in this world, I have to believe that it will win.


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