It’s Still the Little Things..#1LinerWeds


Much like Jack I feel confused,

out of sorts , bored, abused.

Day in and out

same old routine,

I need some color-

change of scene!


Then just as I am looking down

a smile from Nature on the ground

spreads wide and happy,

”Look at me!”

Earth whispers,

”Look closely all

around you-see?”


“Nature is constant

lovely, free.

Look up and down

and turn around.

Life provides a kaleidoscope


Be quick!

Lest it slip

through your fingers

and fade away-



And always enjoy the fluffy things!


20 thoughts on “It’s Still the Little Things..#1LinerWeds

  1. Beautiful pictures and thoughts Cheryl. Enjoy the free 48 and whatever bonus hours the holidays bring along. And while we are noticing the little things enjoy the free 48 while you can. Once we progress to the next level it becomes the all mine ( pause while socks are removed and alternate calculators gathered ) 168. I repeat the all mine 168. beheauhhhahahahah !


      1. That is definitely the correct response. Although moment is always a good straight line for a Three Stooges joke. And if you want to know what Mo meant Larry and Curly will be glad to explain.


  2. Merry Christmas, Cheryl. Your photos make simple things like dew drops look magical. I like how you captured the sun through those trees. Thanks for sharing. Always uplifting.


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