Autumn Stills..


Autumn on my windowsill,

So quiet, lying, dying..still

Cleverly disguised as change

with brilliant strokes you rearrange

the comfort of the familiar.

We bundle up and brace ourselves

as Summer things are put on shelves

and breathless wait for Winter’s hand,

its shadow cold across the land

in shades of brown and white.


Though Autumn be what you are called…


I know just why we call you Fall!


Round 2 of Nature’s ticker tape parade…..

PS IMG-1117





6 thoughts on “Autumn Stills..

  1. Nice pics. And an even nicer rhyme on Dan’s post. Dr. Seuss would be quite pleased. Though Green Limes and Wheat Beer would make for better theater than someone standing at the gym door making like a greeter. Those 16 ounce curls are a much safer way to burn calories. Than going to the gym expending salaries.


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