I Mean It’s #SoCS!

For Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt today.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mean(s).” Use it with or without the “s,” any way you’d like. Have fun!



a) to have in mind as a purpose:  intend

Those stairs are steep and I mean to climb them!


That bartender, I mean she knows how to mix a drink!


b) to design for or destine to a specified purpose or future


Nature was meant to be loved, cared for and protected…




a) Lacking in mental discrimination: dull, contemptible-often used in negative constructions as a term of praise.

”Dismantling the government is no mean feat. “

b)  characterized by petty selfishness or malice

”a mean, surly man”



3) excellent, effective

”That restaurant makes a mean seafood platter!”

4) Occupying a middle position, intermediate in space, a position between extremes.


Serving as a means, intermediary, something intervening.


A middle point between extremes.



By all means (most assuredly: certainly) we can accomplish great things when we work together.

Okay Dan I think I’m ready for those technical words now…

And that beer!

16 thoughts on “I Mean It’s #SoCS!

  1. Cheryl, I sit here stunned by some of your photographs. OMG! The bee, the hummingbirds ….. the birds, the flowers, …. I am amazed by what I saw here. You need to be really proud of yourself for capturing subjects that are NOT easy to photograph. Just WOW!


    1. Aww thank you Amy. Most of those were taken in Costa Rica when we loved there. The butterflies were at a Butterfly garden in Florida that I loved to visit. It’s been a great Summer for bees at my house. I hope you are well. Stay warm!

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  2. Aw did you have to use that character who constantly keeps outdoing the Grinch ? ! ? ! That was down wrong mean. Right after my coffee I am going to start drinking to forget… Sorry about that alarming clock.


    1. I could be having cocktails with Sharukh and Sarah! But since CR ten am is my marker. Once the heat sets in a cold beer is in order! Right now I am settling for coffee. Have a great Saturday Dan.

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      1. Thanks Cheryl. Coffee is working here too. Maddie has been walked. I’ll start working on that wall around 9:00. I’ll be at the bar on time – keep the Coronas in ice and the limes withing walking distance 🙂


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