Constant #ThursdayDoors

Some things are constant…


Is the sunrise still brilliant

without eys to behold?

This is my new favorite door, now that the Autumn places the sunrise so strategically between skyscrapers. He can but peer at me through windows and doors. But when the moment arrives-beware, for it is fleeting-that he winks and blinks across the pastel hues of a new day, I will be there to say, “Bravo!” And “Encore!”

”You must,” I whisper, “ leave them wanting more!”


In Norm Frampton’s temporary absence, this week’s Doors excursion is being hosted by my blogging buddy Dan Antion. Check out his wonderful post today and you can find more great doors connections there.

7 thoughts on “Constant #ThursdayDoors

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Cheryl. You have such a wonderful way with words, and with noticing the beauty around us. I know people who constantly complain about the sun’s shifting path, especially when it ends up in their face. This is beautiful!


    1. Thank you Dan! You would laugh at me the way I rush in most days and zip around the four corners of the floor trying to find the best view. Now my coworkers are snapping shots for me, thinking of me when they look at the sunrise. I love that! 😀

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