The Little Things

In this all too unprediactable, at times disappointing life, it really is the little things that make the difference in a day.


Like your building management hosting a #Kingofpops afternoon. Yay! Nothing like a yummy handmade gourmet popsicle to take the edge off of Hump Day! Thanks so much!! #eyeconsultantsofatlanta so glad to be a part!

15 thoughts on “The Little Things

      1. Haha! I gotcha. I’m trying to get a different one each time. There’s an orange cream that is SO good, like the old fashioned orange dreamsicles from the i e cream truck.

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    1. That’s a good one. I had it once in an Old Fashioned Pop Cocktail at their Ponce City Mkt location. They make cocktails using the pops as well as serving them alone.


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