The Bee and Me/Photography/Poetry




saved from

Nature’s tapestry,

woven in hues

of greens and blues….




Spun gold overcoats

and gossamer wings,

a thousand kisses

left on velvet blush

as the wind sings..




Embrace perfection

with tenderness,

cradled in your arms

it thrives, sublime!


stolen unawares,

like precious gems,

seashells on the sand,

kept in heart’s

book of days,

and treasured

beyond measure.

How happy we,

the bee and me!


Cheryl P

copyright words and images



22 thoughts on “The Bee and Me/Photography/Poetry

      1. This 6S was really a special wdition, mainly for the camera. It’s one reason I won’t upgrade. Plus my hand can’t hold those huge phones. About the only photos it isn’t good for is low light and night shots. Otherwise I use it about as much as my camera for macro shots that I can get physically close enough to take.


      2. There’s a camera app I bought that I used for low light, and night shots called Camera + . It’s a lot better than the camera on my iPhone 7 Plus for low and night imaging. You might be interested in that.


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