Undulating acrobat,

On silken threads

she deftly treads

across the great abyss

and so creates a

masterpiece of

glistening perfection,

hidden in plain sight.

Beware the tender trap!

It will ensnare

and so beware

this fatal beauty

resting in the center

of her universe…

she is the weaver

of silken death.


CKP 2018

21 thoughts on “Centered

  1. She is, isn’t she. I like this silent danger.

    And then I noticed the list of the blogs you follow on the right, and I noticed that it corresponds to mine down to a T. And so now I wonder: either every visitor of yours can see their own list of the blogs we follow ourselves rather than the list of the blogs you follow, or you stalk me and pounce on every new one as well, in the same order. 😀 In any case – strange!

    I’m talking about the list below. Is it the same for everybody? Do you see the same list up on the right?

    Blogs I Follow
    The New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect
    What do you mean ?
    A Place Beyond Dreams
    Steve For The Deaf
    Eyes on the Streets
    Minerva’s pencil case
    This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time
    Mistakes & Adventures
    Urban Exploration
    We Review. You Watch.
    Purple Haze
    Emma Cownie Artist
    Cee and Chris
    Something to Ponder About


      1. The names exactly correspond to the last 20 blogs that I started to follow recently. I just find it strange, nothing else.

        Another thing: if I click on your name in your comment, it still links to your previous blog (Tropicalaffair) instead of to your current one. I wonder if you’d prefer to change this.


      2. I’m not sure why that is since it originates from the new blog…I know things are different when I view posts from my reader as opposed to going directly to the blog site via a browser.

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  2. Spiders scare me to death, but their webs fascinate me. Go figure. And yes, a spider’s silk is incredibly strong. Amazing photo with an equally amazing poem.

    “The Weaver of Silken Death”…….doesn’t that sound like a great book title?
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


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