Bug Off! #SoCS

Sorry Dan but Linda made it uber easy for us macro photo fanatics today with her #SoCS prompt bug.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Snuggling like Bugs in a Rug





It’s a bug-gy world! And so beautiful. Let’s love all of it.

16 thoughts on “Bug Off! #SoCS

  1. Okay, don’t bug out Cheryl, but you’re cute as a bug’s ear! And when it comes to photography, you’ve definitely been bitten by the bug. I’m so glad you’re not a firebug, ’cause I would have to tell you to bug off!!

    Now that I have all the bugs out of my system, let me say your slide show is terrific. And those two little bundles of love are precious. I agree, we should love it all….or at least try to.

    Hope you’re having a great Free48. And if you’re driving around, I hope the windshield isn’t cluttered with bugs! Ewwwww.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


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