Let Go…

Of my mango!




Once upon a time in Costa Rica…

I was fortunate to spend the better part of an hour taking photos and sharing the shade with this beautiful fellow on a hot, humid day in Quepos, Costa Rica. These iguanas are common there and can pop up anywhere at any time, and every time was a treasure to me.




“Be sure to capture the essence of my beard, Camera Lady.”

This post was brought to you by my faithful Nikon, our Pura Vida life while in Costa Rica, and the presence of some of Nature’s most magnificent inhabitants.

Happy #Free48!

19 thoughts on “Let Go…

    1. Well Manuel Antonio Quepos is a great toutist spot with lots of beach and wildlife, a National Park is there, as well as close proximity to other beaches and a short ride to the mountains. But if you want a very peaceful experience Poas and La Paz where we stayed at Peace Lodge is amazing and just a couple of hours out of San Jose. We also stayed at Savegre, my personal favorite mountain destination. It is up from Cartago, the country’s oldest city. We never made it to Montezuma which is more pristine but more secluded, harder to get in and out of quickly. We always liked to be able to get around by rental car, although tour minvans and cabs are always ready to take you anywhere.

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  1. I never thought I would ever say an iguana was beautiful, but this guy is gorgeous. The various shades of colors and intricate designs are amazing. You must’ve been fascinated.

    But he is in need of a mani-pedi!! Lol. Happy Free48!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. Ahh but then he could not eat or defend himself very well. I was fascinated by something, or someone, daily. The sunsets alone took my breath away…anfd there was one guaranteed every day! 👏🏻💕Thanks Ginger. Happy Free48!


    1. Where were you while you visited? Many smaller lizards are like iguanas but these guys can be found in lots of places, both beach and mountain areas. Quepos, Manual A tonio is virtually teeming with wildlife. To name them all sounds like I visited a zoo. I even helped a boa cross the road once so it didn’t get run over! 🙊


      1. When were you there? We lived there twice. It was to be forever but you know how forever plans can go awry. Still…it was a marvelous and humbling experience. I miss the sense of peace I had there.


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