Once upon a time…..




In the middle of a noisy, bustling and crowded metropolis, lay a hidden kingdom.  Behind the gates and beyond the woods, in the shadows of the stone garden, a princess was locked into dreamless sleep under the watchful eyes of a fiercely magnificent dragon…..


The megalopolis known as Atlanta
The dragon towers over….
the still, sleeping princess
Ever watchful
he is magnificently terrifying.


Meanwhile, beneath the glare of the midday sun, Poseidon’s daughter sun’s herself in the cool fountain waters as she gazes wistfully into the mists of sweet memory-the ocean and freedom.

Her comfort in the pool where she waits…


Yet her beauty is rivaled by the rising Phoenix, spreading its glorious wings in welcome of the admirers awaiting a small miracle from the kingdom’s most beloved creature.  Beneath its gaze lies the tavern of sustenance and indulgent delights.


The rising Phoenix
Very decent food in the LongLeaf restaurant
Hot rolls and cool beverages, both wonderful


Weary travelers make their way to this oasis constantly….



Venturing deeper into the lush gardens, there appears from mists of the past, a great and treasured beast…..




She whispered of the miracle within the heart of her world.  After traversing winding trails over bridges and and rails, we found the goddess who protects and showers the kingdom with loving tender care.



She cares for its many living wonders with gentle adoration and appreciation….




Behold!  The Green Emperor! Master of the Orchid House.



Beyond the Orchid House lay the tropical rain forest, filled with lush mystery….


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And lo and behold there he was…..my prince!




Well…..he had potential.  As he serenaded me I thought to give him a quick kiss!  Alas….




This was as good as it got.  So we put our heads together and decided our worlds were too different…..

The Zen garden was lovely as well. I made a couple of new friends there too.



And then there was the magic of glass sculpture…oh my!!



Alas it was time to leave the kingdom but we made a map so that we could return again….and again. Weary, but satisfied, we left the magic and wonder with tired feet and full spirits.

If you are ever in Atlanta, take a detour from the hustle and bustle and visit the magical kingdom….



16 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Oooh my, oh my, what a place! I love all these sculptures so much! ❤ And the one with you and your prince on the bench is so precious. The next favourite is "A prisoner within a dream". Most excellent all of it!


  2. What a terrific place! I didn’t even know this was there! If I ever get to Atlanta, you bet I’m going to visit this place. Thanks for the wonderful introduction to it!


  3. Yowzer!!! This place is mind-blowing. The creativity that went into this garden is outstanding. I just LOVE your frog friend. You found a truly magical place to escape to….lucky you. The glass waterspout in the fountain!! If I could have my absolutely favorite thing. I would have to have one of everything! Lol. This was a great tour..I’m going back for another! 😃
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    1. So glad you enjoyed it Ginger. I am definitely going back for another round. With all that wildlife and gardens the landscape will be evolving. It was truly delightful. I have enough photos for several posts so stay tuned…


    1. I’m guessing that won’t be anytime soon, so you can draw up some designs. 😉May I suggest an homage to Maddie? Or a giant Chippy? Now, that would i oress the other critters. It was indeed a magical place. I was so unexpectedly impressed bu all of it. You would never really know where you are but for the bits of city skyline showing abive the trees now and then. I hear Christmas is amazing. I can’t wait to see it! 👏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

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