Too Cute for Tuesday/Photography

So, you’ve all heard of Pavlov’s dog, right? No? Well, read about it here. It’s all about conditioning. The more I observe nature, the more I become aware of the patterns within it.

This is our little buddy Zippy. I used to call him Chip, but hubby has dubbed him Zippy for the way he appears and disappears, Ninja style, all over the yard. He and his new little family live under our porch.






We first started noticing him during the Winter and were concerned during the continuing late freezes. But we made sure to leave treats on the porch to help with their survival.

As soon as Spring got over her bipolar attitude, they both began to reappear in the yard, and when seen we left more treats. It soon became evident the favorite was walnuts. Hubby loves to spoil his friends and family, so walnuts became the main event. They snubbed the peanuts, tolerated the pumpkin seeds and nibbled at almonds. Sooooooo….

We noticed something else. Zippy was showing a pattern. He would appear when we were in the kitchen by the back door and just sit on the edge of the step, kind of looking adorable. I might squeeze off a photo or two if I was lucky, but all too soon he scurried away. Hubby would then put out the golden walnuts. And we waited. No Zippy. But the minute our backs were turned, the nuts would disappear.

Now and then, however,  he forgets himself and sits indulgently enjoying his treats, oblivious to the watchers behind the glass; and if I am stealthy enough I can get some really good photos. Of course, sometimes it is Chip that shows up. And lately we have seen the new little one zipping across the yard-just like its pop. I have begun calling it Nippy.



How do I know this is Pennington’s Chipmunk? Anytime they are hungry, the ritual begins. A trip to the edge of the porch, a disappearance. Who knows what goes on in the tiny minds of these critters? Are we the Walnut gods? Will they ever trust us enough to eat in our presence? Will a true friendship form? So far, I think they have us trained pretty well….Stay tuned for the adventures of Zip and Dale!



They really are too cute for their fur! 🙊💕




I love this sweetie too. Have a marvelous week everyone. I have had some rough days recently, but it’s hard to be out of sorts with so much beauty around me. 😊

21 thoughts on “Too Cute for Tuesday/Photography

  1. These little friends sure can lift the spirits of those who appreciate them. I have skinks that hang out on my back deck. I don’t feed them, but the adult ones seem to listen to me talk to them and don’t run off til the dogs come out. I hope you have better days a head.


  2. I love Chipmunks and the names, Nippy, Zippy, Zip and Dale are so fun and clever, Cheryl!
    There’s a really good reason to love that bird, too. Smiles, Robin 😊


      1. I am so happy you have some fun and cute chipmunks to keep you entertained, Cheryl. 🐿️ 🙂
        I think I started​ following you when Dan first introduced you but I am rather haphazard in my checking up on fellow bloggers. I like the way you have your blog well organized and such meaningful messages​. Nature is one of my family’s favorite interests. 💚 Take care!


      2. Oh thank you so much for your sweet words. Nature needs our appreciation so much. I remember you as well. It is difficult to keep up with everything all the time. I’m so glad you stopped by! I love your place as well. 🙂


  3. How could you not love Zip and Dale? Better than TV. We had a couple of chipmunks here last fall, but haven’t seen them since then. 😥 Hope they’ve found a better restaurant!

    Sorry to hear you’ve had some rough days. I hope that’s all behind you now. Tough when life gets in the way. You have such a knack for seeing beauty and tranquility and capturing it in your photos. So sit back, thumb through some of those photos, and in no time you will feel 100% better. How do I know! Because those same photos make us feel better!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


  4. They are adorable, Cheryl! If they are like their northern cousins, they will get more comfortable as time goes by and walnuts continue. Ours are eating peanuts now (shhhhh) so I won’t be showing them this post. One of the little ones is actually running out into the yard and stealing peanuts tossed to the squirrels. They are fast!


  5. Yes, I think Zippy has you trained to produce the walnuts. He IS a cute little guy and he’s fortunate to have Gods like you and your hubby to take care of him and family.


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