My World and Welcome to It/#SoCS

Mon Cherie, Ginger, this one is for you. This is my world today and my contribution for Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt.

Monotony is not my style so I will be getting out later for a bit of city scape as well. But for now, Monday is a world away. So, get out and enjoy your moments, peeps.



8 thoughts on “My World and Welcome to It/#SoCS

  1. “You talking to me?” Nah, you’re probably referring to someone else named Ginger. Ooooooh, I know. It’s a dog named Ginger, because there’s only thousands of them! Lol.

    In the meantime, I’m just gonna think it’s ME and feel like a celebrity all day! You are always full of surprises. Part of what makes your posts so interesting and fun to read. I don’t know if the headliner photo is your yard, but it’s a beauty.

    Enjoy your trek to the city. Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy all those moments you will furiously be taking pictures for future posts. Thank you for putting such a bright spot in my day!

    PS: I know a very monotonous man who is a monogamous monster. He speaks in monosyllables and is very deMONstrative on occasion.


    1. Who else but you? The only other Ginger I have ever known was an aunt who is sadly no longer with us here. My mother’s soster was a pip, drove a red convertible amd jad a wicked sense of humor. Oh and I have one of those M&M’s too! Yes, my little piece of nature here. It’s my haven. Hugs!


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