Will we dwell on tomorrow,

trembling in fear and pain,

or continue in the way of

the Peaceful Warrior?

There is no tomorrow for choices to be made.

There is only today.


My brave, lovely Jonquil tree made it through the snows, losing only a few blooms who came out to play too early. I think their beauty was worth the wait!

Post Script: It has come to my attention that this is, indeed, not a jonquil-which is really a stemmed flower-but rather a large rhododendron bush. Thank you hubby for researching this for us!



We miss you, John….

If anyone has a favorite video or song of John’s you would like to share, feel free to leave a link in the comments. Thanks Dan for sharing yours below! 😀



14 thoughts on “Today/#photography

  1. That tree is just gorgeous. Great photos.

    John Denver left us way to soon. His voice was so pure. I could never get enough of him… Still can’t. He was the best of the best.


    1. Indeed he was Ginger. I just found out that tree is actually a rhodedendron bush….a really big one! Jonquils are only flowers ins pite of what my gardening acquaintance thought. 😊


    1. It was so sad, Dan. For me and my best friends John was a folk hero in our achool days. Such heart and talent. This is my first experience with a jonquil tree. The bloom is so complex!


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