Day to Day/#ThursdayDoors

While I have longed to create a doors post with beautiful architecture photographed in new and exciting places, i have not collected those doors yet. Sadly, I am not as quick on the draw as Dan Antion of No Facilities and often bemoan lost doors opportunites.

This has been a busy week and as I walked the early silent halls I snapped some photos of the doors I pass through most often.


I like these doors.
Use of the revolving door is encouraged-to conserve energy. 🤔


Most of the time I use the revolving doors but sometimes I am rebellious and hurry through the regular doors. 🙊

I have, on occassion, walked up the nine flights but not often enough.



Yeah, this is the cushy way up. And a chance to do a final check on my general appearance. I usually meet nice folks  in the elevator.




Yes, there are a lot of long hallways. You’d think that walking would be cardio enough; but once a body’s metabolism adjusts to a certain situation it becomes the norm. I always say if I stopped working I would blow up like a hot air balloon within a week!


This door gets the most use. Patients in, patients out.
These doors open to where we and the doctors do the best we can to care for people. A lot of stuff happens in there. 😀


I have already grown to love these hallways. Feels like second home. But, work is work; and by week’s end I am ready to exit the way I came in and find a different kind of door.




Ahhhh….now this is a good place to end a week and start a Free 48! These fellows will see to it. 😉


But nothing is as sweet to me as the view through this door…..



The door to my repreive, my secret garden of delights, that place where nothing exists but the moment I am in. Birds, flowers, squirrels, chipmunks, bees and butterflies. So much life and yet…so quiet.


(PS This was a potential violent crime…but more on that in my next post)

One more day to such bliss! Now, you should be off to visit  Norm’s place.

He is the instigator and navigator of this event. At his place you can find the rules as well as visiting other cool blogs with many amazing doors if only you follow the hoppy blue frog at the bottom of his post!

Oh, and in case I don’t see you tomorrow…

HAPPY friggin’


10 thoughts on “Day to Day/#ThursdayDoors

  1. Thanks for sharing some of the most important doors in your daily life – such a good idea for a doors post.
    Is it just me or are revolving doors are not as common as they used to be?


    1. Well I agree Norm. This was the first one I’ve seen in a long while. I really wasn’t comfortable using it until I read the conserving energy sign. Seen ine too many slapstick movies I guess. Haha.


  2. Wow – thanks for the guided tour. They are the doors we see the most, they should be featured. I like the revolving doors, but bar door and home doors are always the best. I hope you’re working your way to a great 48, Cheryl. Thanks for the plug.


  3. And HAPPY friggin’ FRIDAY to you!! Lol. This is a great door post. Lotsa good doors, but the energy-saving revolving door wins my vote! 😳 Lol.

    The door to your private world is special too. Love the shot of the bee on the camellia. Nice to see that this morning while we’re knee-deep in a nor’easter!


    1. I’m so sorry about that Winter blast you’re getting Ginger. We have had a bit of a cold snap but nothing Earth shattering. The sun is out and the rain has stopped. So, bundle up I will, and get out there to find something lovely. So glad you enjoyed the doors!


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