Sneaky Peek/Photography

Hey!  Camera Lady….




What’s up?  Hey….


Sea of blush!
Go back inside so I can eat..please.
Red velvet
Fat and happy


You got Spring goin’ on in there!

Woohooooo! Now, how about a walnut?

33 thoughts on “Sneaky Peek/Photography

  1. I have been wondering. I wanted to ask you on Twitter what happened. I must have missed that last post. I’m happy you found a new place for your inspiring posts. I’m following now.


    1. I’m so glad Peter. You know, I am still awaiting your next story. I know….I have been so remiss in keeping up with our Domhan friends. The tale is begging to be told but I am frozen since we moved. Thanks for following me in my new place. 😊

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  2. Finally something that made me laugh ! You have saved the day. So far the majority of e-items I have read today caused me to cringe. That would include Dan’s story of the ‘went to the wrong church tax.’ The others were even stranger still. Not that Spring is strange. The pictures are very springy and good ! However the comment about old man winter being anusive, well that just turned things around. we will leave word derivation for a discussion on Saturday morning. It will include a complimentary round for the barteneress. And yours truly will be nominated for the Qwerty poster child (sorry) adult of the day. Until Saturday kindess chuckling regards…


  3. Wonderful photos and captions. One of our squirrels actually taps on the window of the storm door, to alert my wife to his presence and his need for walnuts.


    1. Haha! That is funny. And scary. I still have an idea for a horror movie about a lonely woman who befriends squirrels and stuff. 😉I had crows who woke me up in CR at 5 am until I came out and talked to them. No food. Just acknowledgment. 😳

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    1. Hi Peter! I was wondering how you are. I wrote about it on the other blog’s last post. My WP blog couldn’t hold anymore photos unless I upgraded to a premium plan and that meant more money which I can’t aggord for this right now. So I started a new one. I left a link over at It is till there. How are you?

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  4. I am sooooo jealous! Beautiful birds, beautiful blossoms, adorable squirrel. Gee, it looks like Spring has sprung. Not here. Nooooo. Nor’easter on its way, with up to 9″ of snow predicted for our area. WTH?! Mother Nature needs a couple of beers so she can chill out. Lol.


    1. I think she is depressed, trying to get attention. I’m doing my best to keep her encouraged. I think Ole man Winter is being abusive though. Sorry about your return freezing. 😕

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