14 thoughts on “I’m Coming To Get You! #humor #photography

      1. Haha! I know. And they can’t get to the feeders either. Now and then there will be a rogue in the yard but they don’t stick around. We also have two ‘visiting’ cats that I suspect come here to hunt. I watch for them and we allow them a bit. Keeps the rodents population down just leaving their mark. But if I ever see onw with Pip or his buddy, fur will fly! Lol

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      2. We could use s couple of cats. We have mice getting in somewhere. I’ve sealed everything I can think of, but they still turn up in our traps. We’re using Have-a-heart traps and letting them out alive but I wouldn’t mind a kitty out there. Our two cats are useless as mousers.


      3. Hmmmm…have you considered drastic relocation of those you have caught? The one we thought came i side awhile back came from behind yhe stove. Yhere are small openings In places I never would have thought of but he knew.

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Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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