In Unexpexcted Places/#ThursdayDoors

Since I rarely find myself walking among buildings in interesting big cities like our friend Dan , or remember to snap photos when I do, I am often left without new doors to share on Thursday. Still, even when out exploring in nature I come across amazing entrances and natural doorways that I consider worthy submissions. What do you think?




On our most recent adventure in the Chatahoochie River  National Recreation Park area, we enjoyed a beautiful hike along the river and into the surrounding hills. This little Eastern Bluebird was in the entrance field to greet us as we began our hike. It was a total surprise and treasure for me since I thought it was a little robin when I took the photo. Hubby said he saw blue and sure enough….




The trail was amazing. I even got some photos of a hawk that was hunting in the woods but have not edited them completely yet. I consider this part of Winter to be our doorway to Spring and it is pretty magnificent!


But, since we need a legitimate ‘door’ for this post I will give you the closest thing I found.


Like something out of Roman mythology support columns under the bridge caught my eye!
Who knows what lurks within the shadows of this doorway?

I loved the effect the perspective gave to the bridge supports, like a pathway to the unknown. Beyond the opening one can imagine anything from Gorgon to hidden city of gold. Or just underground city waterworks operations…


I will leave that to your imagination. Mine is already working overtime. 😉 It was a beautiful walk, a wonderful park and someplace we will visit again!


Nature creates such magnificent edifices of stone.
It struck me how much we imitate nature as we build our world.


We kept pace just ahead of a brilliantly setting sun
And watched it slip slowly into the hillside..


It was the perfect way to end my working weekend, allowing me to slip into another mindset, to let go of critical thinking and drift on the wind that whistled quietly through the trees….

I can’t wait until next time!




This post was brought to you by Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors event.. Stop by his blog for more great doors and follow the little blue amphibian for a link to more doors posts and talented bloggers.

I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!

18 thoughts on “In Unexpexcted Places/#ThursdayDoors

  1. You are right! Doors aren’t always wood or steel. I love your ‘under the bridge’ shot. To be honest I didn’t realize what it was at first. I love to be surprised. For me I love paths best. You have some great ones here.


  2. Wow! I really like your take on doors. My granddaughter just returned from a school trip to Greece and Rome (poor baby!), and your photos of the bridge supports would fit right in with her photos of the ancient ruins.

    I love the shot of your shadows. I’m a sucker for photos of shadows and reflections. And that beautiful little bird…..he looks so sad. Maybe because he wished he was in the photo of “blue” forest instead of dead grass!! Lol! *Ginger”


    1. Ooohhh…I’m envious. She got to see the ‘real’ thing. I’m glad you like the photos. I love light amd shadow, reflections too. My little bird friend appeared to be digging for bugs. Perhaps one got away….😉


  3. Thanks for the mention. I like the idea of a doorway into spring. I wouldn’t mind if it started to swing open soon. You look like you’re enjoying your new home. I think we’re in for some glorious images once that door opens on the colorful season. Good job today!


    1. You’re welcome. Your doors posts are always wonderful. Yes, I am teetering on the edge of giddiness in anticipation of what Spring will show us here. We put a feeder in the back yard today and the cardinals are already curious! Oh! And he saw a chipmunk right on the deck this morning. 🙊I hope it comes back this weekend. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

Speak to me. I’m interested. 😊

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