Remembering a Voice of Truth



A voice of reason,

truth and love,

defying the cold

face of fear

manifest as hate

and indifference-

with strength,

rising against the

tide of separatism

to illuminate the

hope of a united


a world without

judgment, pride,

prejudice or ignorance.

In every decade,

a voice to rise above

the din of anger

like the deafening

whisper of eternity,

a flame all too soon

snuffed by the

bitter breath of

dark rage.

Where is our voice?

Who is our hope,

to guide, to coax

to teach, to lead

in these days

growing darker

moment by moment?

Be the voice,

the hope, the prayer.

Speak,  cry, sing

and shout, for

without a single voice

there will be no calling

the Light Warriors forth;

and the silence will be

loud as death

as humanity

folds in upon itself in

in fear and trembling.

Do not let their courage,

wisdom and hope

have been in vain….


CherylKP 2018


14 thoughts on “Remembering a Voice of Truth

  1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute and video. I thought of this song a few days ago, but had forgotten how moving it was. We will remember what they stood for and keep the hope alive.


  2. There is a sadness in the line “In every decade, a voice to rise above the din of anger
    like the deafening whisper of eternity”. To me it speaks of a never-ending battle, with the occasional flares of hope represented by men like MLK.

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      1. Everyone seems so blaise about it eventually ending but I have a more grim feeling lurking in my soul, Kate. Trying to ignore it as much as I can.


  3. Thank you for being the voice, Cheryl. This is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the men who dreamed of peace and the message they offered.

    Sorry I didn’t get here yesterday. I’m on the road and catching up.


  4. A very moving poem and video. So appropriate on Martin Luthier King Day. Thanks for sharing this. We certainly need “a voice of reason”. —-Ginger—-


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