More to This Story/Gift of the Hawk

Yes, as Paul Harvey always said, “Stay tuned for ‘the rest of the story’. ” I miss those stories. There is more to this story but I just wanted to share a few photos of one of this week’s miracle moments for me. This hawk came to me in the park. I have never felt like I did in those moments in the whole of my life. More to follow…, Continue reading More to This Story/Gift of the Hawk


Hi dear friends, In an effort to find a less frantic sense of accomplishment in my creative process, I started reading The Artist’s Way again, this time the entire three series set. It really is an amazing work for anyone who feels blocked or stunted or not creative at all. We all truly do long to create, and tapping in to that precious resource is the key to surviving this often tedious and  sometimes joyless journey we call life. The miracles we seek lie within. They always have; and yet this fact seems to elude most if us at one point or … Continue reading Snippets

A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

Spotted at last weekend’s Native American Festival Hubby and I spotted this at nearly the same moment. This is not our first message on stone, if you have been following my Random posts. This one struck a chord because I feel … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me/Random14