Always Big Lots!

For one and all, great and small…

We needed Serta pillows, we got Big Lots and more..

as always.

Apparently the Big Sale was on and everyone was rolling in to have a look!


“Hurry up, Charlie! You slept in and now all the really good deals may be gone.”

”Well, I haven’t had my breakfast yet, Maddie…”


“It’s the Big Lots Labor Day sale. We need lots, Charlie! We need Big Lots!”

”Well, I’ll leave you to it, Maddie. I have picking to do. I think I saw some tasty tidbits next to the curb over there. I’ll wait for you when I’m done.”


“Alright, Charlie, but don’t honk if you get bored waiting for me. I mean, this place has Big Lots to look at!”


“I’m excited for you, Maddie. I’ll just be two stepping it out here while you shop. Practicing for the big Labor Day dance at the park.”

Hmmm…’Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…’

Apparently Charlie and Maddie are regulars at the Big Lots where the employees give tidbits to them and their young ones.

Here’s to you, Oh Canada!