Always Big Lots!

For one and all, great and small…

We needed Serta pillows, we got Big Lots and more..

as always.

Apparently the Big Sale was on and everyone was rolling in to have a look!


“Hurry up, Charlie! You slept in and now all the really good deals may be gone.”

”Well, I haven’t had my breakfast yet, Maddie…”


“It’s the Big Lots Labor Day sale. We need lots, Charlie! We need Big Lots!”

”Well, I’ll leave you to it, Maddie. I have picking to do. I think I saw some tasty tidbits next to the curb over there. I’ll wait for you when I’m done.”


“Alright, Charlie, but don’t honk if you get bored waiting for me. I mean, this place has Big Lots to look at!”


“I’m excited for you, Maddie. I’ll just be two stepping it out here while you shop. Practicing for the big Labor Day dance at the park.”

Hmmm…’Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…’

Apparently Charlie and Maddie are regulars at the Big Lots where the employees give tidbits to them and their young ones.

Here’s to you, Oh Canada!

The Divine Matrix

I know I’m pulling into the station late, but here I am and trying to do my best with the #SoCS prompt from Linda Hill.

Quantum Physics has intrigued me since I first began delving into metaphysical possibilities. Of course, some scientists may not like me using the term metaphysical in the same sentence as a scientific process; however, most scientific professionals I come in contact with on a regular basis all say the same thing about the Quantum realm of physics.

“I just can’t wrap my head around it.”

I do understand the term, especially among critical thinking individuals, but that is the whole point of Quantum Physics after all. It moves beyond the practical, critical, wrap-your-mind-around-it kind of Science that takes prevalence in our functioning world.

I read The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden over ten years ago and it really resonated with me. It didn’t surprise me a bit that this was the book nearest me when I followed the prompt and reached for it. Here is the passage my mind’s eye chose through my eager fingertip!


Simply stated most of the premise of this book revolves around the idea that we create out world through our own thought process. This goes hand in hand with the ideas behind the Law of Attraction. What one puts out into the universe in essence becomes their reality. We draw unto us what we focus on, both positive and negative. In this book Braden explores the idea that questions what true ‘reality’ is, with regard to all facets of life, health and awareness. It seems similar to me to the timeless question, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

In other words, do our perceptions and projected ideas influence the outcome of our reality? I don’t want to go into the ideas fully here, but I recommend this and other works by Mr. Braden. There are many thought provoking suggestions in his books.

And if you’re thirsty, stop by Dan’s place. I’m sure there’s a cold one ready for you.

If we do create our reality, I want to create a beautiful place, don’t you?