What Dreams May Come

I always take photos of the birds that visit me, hoping most of all to capture their inner spirit, the personality that is uniquely their own; and they oblige…. Continue reading What Dreams May Come


The Hatchlings/Forever Never

. Palabra stared, a cry frozen on her lips, in horrified awe as she peered into the depths, a place endlessly dark and vast in its emptiness. It was painfully cold within and yet she sensed a burning fire at its core. “Where is its gift?” thought Palabra, and leaned over to take a closer look. Continue reading The Hatchlings/Forever Never

To the Unknown/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright art, photos and written work The band of friends part ways as the females head home and the Hunter and Warrior begin their journey to visit the new tribes of their world, somewhere in the land of the strange smoking spirals that float steadily skyward.  What did it mean? Would they be friendly?  So many questions and yet the most pressing thing on the tortured Warrior’s mind remains the same.  What lies within his soul and who has ultimate control?  Join them all on their separate paths which cannot but lead … Continue reading To the Unknown/Forever Never

A Time to Watch/Sharing Dreams

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright Exhausted and content, the band of friends slept well within the cave of the Warrior, awaking to a new and bright day, albeit it full of unanswered questions.   The Sorceress bears the weight of her unspoken question as the spark of connection she shares with Laoch continues to flicker….. A Time to Watch Mor contemplated the recent experiences of Its children.  There was no plan set for Inion’s humankind; therefore  there was nothing to prophecy, all things existing at once . Only the very moment one experienced was real. Still, there … Continue reading A Time to Watch/Sharing Dreams