Calling All Angels

New post on Dreaming Existence . Hop on over and see my new space. Stay awhile. I’d love to see you there!


Turn, Turn, Turn

New post, new week. Bee happy, bee productive, bee mindful of this beautiful world we call home.
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A Fine Mess..

New post over at Dreaming Existence. I hope you have time to stop by. It’s brief but pointed. I am feeling very discouraged about what I thought was the existence of human decency. This week has shown me a lot of rising ugly behavior and it is quite frightening. Many wish to turn their heads or worse yet, egg it on. It disgusts me on so many levels. The lid to Pandora’s box has been opened and the latch broken. My own dream is rapidly turning into a nightmare.
On the post you will find a photo of an American Bald Eagle. Here I have posted the image of a baby Osprey I had the pleasure of sharing some precious moments with after its maiden flight from the nest. If not for the little miracles…

Love and Light,