Channeling a Painter

I have never been a great painter, at least not with standard canvas and acrylics or oils. I’ve attempted a few pieces that I was moderately okay with but overall never quite satisfied. This past weekend I dove in and started a piece I had been planning since I saw several images of white and black wolves. I love the Cherokee tale of the father teaching his son about the two wolves that live inside each of us, fighting to live. When the son asked which one survives, his answer is, “The one you feed.” I understand the lesson behind the legend but I also believe we need to teach those wolves how to coexist within us so that there is no more reason to fight, within or without.

Back to my painting! I am utterly surprised and thrilled with the progress so far.


What do you think? We had a yen for pizza and tried out a local place we had on our wish list. Now that was a work of art!


Hmmmm….I really do believe I was channeling….



🙊 I’ll let you know when we finish. 😉

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