Grin and Share It


“Not only am I the president of the Hair Club for Plants…”



“I’m also a client!”

🙊Hmmmm….I smell fertilizer. 🤣

Hump Day turned into Happy Day. Thanks to all of you for the positive words! I hope the rest of your week is awesome.

I Need a Rope/#1LinerWeds



Hey fellow wordsmiths! I’m thinking the top of the hill looks mighty small this week and I might need a rope to reach the summit. Energy is low and I’m feeling the negative vibrations in general more this week.

So, to keep me moving forward and to inspire you onward and upward, I’ll just share a bit of what I’m always working towards. Here are some more shots from my last #Free48.




I’m making this my rope to the summit!

To get to this…

My magic moment of the day. Ahhhhh….

Brought to you by Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday prompt


See you all at the top!