”Why not?” she insisted.

“It’s still too cold.” he replied sleepily.


“It’s just brisk. Besides, he’s coming and he’s never late.”

”Sometimes he brings friends. It’s too cold to be wet.”

”I don’t care. I like to gamble. Our days are numbered and I want to enjoy them! I’m ready!



Besides, can’t let Peony show us up.”




..okay, wait for me! Hey guys, Yolanda is going for it. Wake up! We can’t let her go alone.”


Wait for us Yo
Okay, okay, I think we’re ready.

”Is everybody ready? Okay, faces up. Look bright. It’s time to be the best yellow we can be!”


“No,”  whispered Ochre.

“He is the grandest yellow of all. Thank you for making us rise and reminding me why.”


This post brought to you by Linda Hill’s SoCS prompt. Visit her blog for more great posts and prompts!

15 thoughts on “Obvious/#SoCS

  1. Cheryl, this post is so clever and fun I can’t stand it! 😜 Beautiful shots of buds and flowers. But that last shot, with the rays of sunshine, is breathtaking. Well done.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


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