”Why not?” she insisted.

“It’s still too cold.” he replied sleepily.


“It’s just brisk. Besides, he’s coming and he’s never late.”

”Sometimes he brings friends. It’s too cold to be wet.”

”I don’t care. I like to gamble. Our days are numbered and I want to enjoy them! I’m ready!



Besides, can’t let Peony show us up.”




..okay, wait for me! Hey guys, Yolanda is going for it. Wake up! We can’t let her go alone.”


Wait for us Yo
Okay, okay, I think we’re ready.

”Is everybody ready? Okay, faces up. Look bright. It’s time to be the best yellow we can be!”


“No,”  whispered Ochre.

“He is the grandest yellow of all. Thank you for making us rise and reminding me why.”


This post brought to you by Linda Hill’s SoCS prompt. Visit her blog for more great posts and prompts!

Doors to Imagination

I thoroughly love spending time near the Atlanta BeltLine, so was not disappointed when last week’s work event was held near one of the best areas of it. It was the finale to a vision fundraiser ending with a walk on the BeltLine. I had planned ahead because I had a special little gift for someone who lives there, though we have never met.

Oh! And I did make some new friends! 😀


Oh…what? Yes! My tiny friend and my little gift. I adore the #tinydoors folks and made a special gift to leave for them at my favorite door.


And here is one other for you. This one is so unreachable I have no idea how any one but a real faerie could have put it there!



We had a nice walk down the BeltLine where local artists share a myriad of eclectic designs and grafitti. Hubby spotted this one and we had to get a closer look…



Eeeek!! We need to close that door! Pronto! 😱

What better way to cool off than with a tasty fresh made popsicle from Atlanta’s own #Kingofpops  and if you want an adult version, they make them in their shops. Such imagination and yumminess all in one.  For our event I chose an Orange Cream Pop.



This is our group photo. It was a gorgeous day.





This is for a very devoted Doors Poster. Visit Dan’s blog for some amazing doors!


This post brought to you by our King of Doors Norm Frampton.