“You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”

”This is not even one of your favorite songs!” That’s what I keep saying to my Mom who passed away when I was 21 years old. Over the years I have felt certain she was speaking to me at different times through music and other little signs. But, no. I don’t recall her ever particularly liking this tune.

Still, it has been running through my head incessantly for three days. No, I haven’t heard it on the radio or been watching any infommercials on 50’s and 60’s collections. I am also running through my mental list of other dearly departed and still-nothing. Of course how well do we often know anyone? Now it is time for a purge because I really don’t care for this tune playing all the time on constant repeat. So, here you go. Now you can have it stuck in your head too. Welcome to ‘top 40 purgatory’!


Okay, well, now that I’ve listened to the intro. I just realized it must be Mom. I was born in 1959. I love you too, Mom! Thanks. I think. 😏

You’ve really got a hold on me. 💕