Welcome to the Dream


Well, for those of you following me from My Tropical Affair site thanks so much for joining me on this new journey; and for anyone stopping in for the first time, I am so happy to meet you.  I started this blog because my first blog is full, stuffed to the gills with photos; and I don’t have the heart (or the time at this point) to peruse the entire 6 years’ worth of posts and decide what is worth keeping and what would go into the world of “trash”.  My photos, my words, my friends’ comments, are my heart.


So, I decided to start anew, but am leaving the other blog up and running and may pop over there now and then for a word or two.  The things I have there came from my soul and I treasure my time there.


Meanwhile the theme of this place is just as stated above.  I am working on my very first novel, the content of which is about this dream we call life and how we came to be the human race we have evolved into. The good, the bad, the insecure, the joyful, proud, distressed, faithful, faithless, loyal, jealous, zealous and passionate collective mind that makes up life on our blue and green spinning reality is a creation.  I propose that while the first spark of consciousness was the thought of the Prime Creator (by whatever name you call it), this creation was a gift to we, the product of Its great love; and it is we who have carried on the creation of our reality.


I take photos, amazed by life’s wonders, Nature’s miracles and the ever changing landscape of this planet.  As much as I have seen already, I know there is an endless list of places I have not, and may never see,  before my dream ends here.  Sometimes my thoughts flow along with the images and thus poetry is born.


I hope you will join me on my walk, enjoy the images shared here, and help me to dream the best of all possible worlds into reality for our life here.  Light is Life and life is amazing…..






Like me, she waits patiently through the cold sleep of Winter’s passing, with blush on her cheek, for Spring to breathe life into her soul once more. Then will she blossom! And be brilliant.  😊