The Fall/A Poem of Love

This is an older post but here I am again, feeling the call of memory and the desire to be born anew…..

Tropical Affair


Daniel’s Redemption

art by Cheryl KP

The Fall

So far down, the fall from Grace-


So long now, since I’ve seen your face-


A jagged line brought me to this place,

my footprints too scattered now to retrace.

The stars beyond Eternity’s door

glowed brightly, more brilliant than ever before…

I leapt!

Soaring, grasping, my soul did yearn

to own them all before they could burn

themselves out.

My folly to think I could capture such light.

How they singed my soul and blinded my sight.

I plummeted!

Wings broken, I fell to the Earth,

such wonder and innocence in that moment of birth.

Arising I brushed the dust from my hands,

my feathers were strewn to faraway lands..


The days, months and years that came..

each life a new body, fresh hope, different name

how I wearied.

Feathers return now;  they always appear

when I…

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