Here’s Looking at You….

Sunday march 15 031.NEF

Haven’t you ever seen a fellow moving before? I’ll just be getting back into the water now….

Sunday march 15 024.NEF

I once won a staring contest with a slug…don’t test me, Camera Lady…..


16 thoughts on “Here’s Looking at You….

  1. What wonderful photography! I’m always amazed by the wildlife you capture because it’s a world away from where I am. So wonderful! You always get the best shots; the lizard is hilarious!


    1. Hi Janey! How goes it? Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, we have a regular micro Jurassic Park here. I love it! I actually had a total photo session with my friend Chester yesterday. Going to pist those tonight. What a diva! Haha!


      1. It is lovely! I remember we saw a lizard once here in Ireland and it was like seeing a chupacabra haha! Ooh, lovely, I shall look forward to it 🙂


      1. I’m so sorry to hear that Julia. Sending healing thoughts your way. So gald I could give you some bright spots. Take care and thanks for stopping by. Hugs’


    1. I knooow….and there were two almost identical. Once I started taking this guy’s photo, standing at the edge of the inlet water, suddenly more and more crabs of all shapes and sizes came up to the water’s edge, stayed long enough for me to snap a photo and then moved on. It was so funny!


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